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My dresses do not have the traditional set-in waistband. They come with a matching fabric sash so the waist may be adjusted to fit.
The dresses are buttoned only on the yoke instead of buttoned all the way to the waist.
The dresses have a more tailored, contemporary fit than the traditional tear dress.

I make:
1) one-piece dresses (plus matching sash), or
2) two-piece dresses (plus matching sash). The two-piece dresses have an elastic waistband. The two-piece option is similar to a camp dress, made for comfort and ease in traveling.
I also make traditional tear dresses, usually by custom order.

The decorative bands on the bodice, sleeves and skirt may have:
1) just ribbons,
2) classic diamond designs, or
3) a variety of florals, geometrics or cordwork.

Most sashes are simply made of the same fabric as the dress. On the fancier, contemporary-style dresses, the sashes may be decorated to match the trim on the dress.

Prices are based on cost of materials and labor involved.

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